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FREE SHIPPING * Only for Spain


We have come up with a photo shoot inspired by nomads and a way of life of people who are completely free to go from one place to another, without any established rules.
Sheer soft fabrics like silk, floral prints, natural materials such as brown suede and white denim convey the essence of this lifestyle that is always in touch with nature.

The girl cowboy ankle boots such as Tary in white or the Mitari model, a bit more bohemian, fit in with this style to perfection where feeling comfortable and free to let it all go is fundamental.

The basic booties to have in your closet. Perfect for any season


black ankle boots for women. L´Intervalle, made in Spain


black ankle boots for women. L´Intervalle shoes. Made in Spain


ankle boots with mid heel at L´Intervalle


cowboy boots and ankle boots. Must have trends for women

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