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 This season, talking about trends is talking about the Western look. If we think of breakthrough looks, new silhouettes and different inspirational worlds, we cannot help but remember those cowboy scenes from the old west movies and think "I need that jacket", or "those boots are made to travel the world".


The improved version of the West arrives:  a mixture of textures and breakthrough elements.  Flowing dresses combined with pure cowgirl style ankle boots, mini dresses fitted with maxi fringe coats combined with Western-inspired boots.
When basic garments fill our closet, we put on our GRACE booties and we are ready for day-to-day challenges without losing our groundbreaking character. A combination with assured success.
We come stomping, combining romantic style dresses of flowy boho aesthetic fabrics with a new cowgirl feel. And what better way to leave your mark than with the MARYLAND ankle boots.
Urban looks, designed to enjoy each new experience, to travel kilometers and conquer the world with every step that we take.  Our VALENTINA model will endure everything you propose.
We reinvent the Western style, mixing it with metallic materials, young and daring silhouettes. The white ankle boot is back to stay, like our VALENTINA model, the total protagonist of your night looks.

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